Hysteroscopy Procedure in Lucknow, UP


What is Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to examine and treat conditions affecting the uterus and the lining of the uterine cavity (endometrium). 

It involves the insertion of a thin, lighted telescope-like instrument called a hysteroscope through the vagina and cervix into the uterus. Hysteroscopy allows for direct visualization of the uterine cavity, enabling the diagnosis and treatment of various gynaecological issues with minimal discomfort and downtime.


During a hysteroscopy procedure, the patient is usually placed under local or general anaesthesia to ensure comfort and minimize discomfort. The hysteroscope is gently inserted through the vagina and cervix into the uterus, allowing the gynecologist to visualize the uterine cavity on a monitor. Saline or glycerine may be used to distend the uterus, providing better visualization. 

Depending on the findings, diagnostic or therapeutic interventions may be performed, such as the removal of polyps, fibroids, or adhesions, or the collection of tissue samples for biopsy. After the procedure, the hysteroscope is removed, and the patient is monitored briefly before being discharged home.

Why is it done?

Hysteroscopy is performed for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, including:

Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
IVF-ICSI failures
Multiple IVF-ICSI failures
Treatment of Uterine Abnormalities
Diagnosis and Treatment of Uterine Abnormalities
Investigation of Infertility​
Investigation of Infertility
Removal of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)​
Removal of Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
Biopsy of Endometrial Tissue​
Biopsy of Endometrial Tissue
Removal of Polyps and Fibroids​
Removal of Polyps and Fibroids
Repeated mid-trimester abortions​
Repeated mid-trimester abortions

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