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Surrogacy is an arrangement process between a surrogate and the intended parents.When a woman agrees to carry and deliver your baby for you, she is called Surrogate.


(1) If a women wants to become pregnant but she has dangerous medical diseases like high blood pressure, sugar(diabetes) or any other diseases which can be dangerous for her life, if she carried that baby to term and delivered.
(2) A women who doesnot have uterus due to some genetic diseases (diseases from birth) or hystrectomy.

At Our Center

All Surrogates are taken from reliable and registered Agencies . Who take there complete care with us till her delivery.

A proper and detail screening (according to ICMR guide line) is done to rule out any medical and genetic diseases in the donor and that she is of sound pshycosocial status

We take complete and best care of egg donors and surrogates during there service period with us so that their health is not jeopardise and our patients get best of services

Online Appointment

Online Appointment