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Everyone Wants To Know Their Chance Of Pregnancy, But The Best We Can Do Is Give Pregnancy Rates For Groups Of People With Similar Circumstances


The Chance Of A Birth From A Single Completed Treatment. We Consider A Completed Treatment As An Ivf Cycle With Egg Collection, Or A Donor Cycle With Insemination.
The Chance Of A Clinical Pregnancy From A Single Treatment. A Clinical Pregnancy Is The Presence Of A Fetal Sac On Ultrasound Early In Pregnancy, So Excludes Most Miscarriages. Clinical Pregnancy Rates Are Used For Recent Data, Since It Takes At Least 9 Months To Collect Birth Outcomes.
Cumulative Pregnancy Rates, Which Is The Overall Chance Of A Birth. For Instance, From The Use Of All The Fresh And Frozen Embryos From An Ivf Cycle, Or From Several Cycles Of Treatment.
It Can Be Useful To Compare Pregnancy Rates With Treatment With Those Of Fertile People. As A Yardstick, We Use A Birth Rate Of 20% Per Month For Fertile Women 37 And Younger.