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Newly We Have Introduced A Cryopreservation Of Eggs Which Enables Create And Preserve Quality Eggs For Women Who Chosen.

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Fertility Treatment

IVF-ICSI is indicated in couples who have failed to conceive after many attempts of proper infertility treatment


Fertility Preservation

It is a novel effort to preserve ovarian functions of women in whom due to cancer, their fertility in future is effected.

High risk

High Risk Pregnancy

Not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some Women have high risk before, during and after pregnancy and delivery

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Sperm Banking

A sperm bank, semen bank, or cryobank is a facility or enterprise which purchases, stores and sells human semen.

Egg Donor

Egg Donor

Donor screening to ensure they are free of infections,diseases or genetic conditions that might be transmitted.



Surrogacy The Intended Parents.when A Woman Agrees To Carry And Deliver Your Baby For You, She Is Called Surrogate.

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Diagnostic Facilities

High Resolution ultrasound (by latest and high end Machines)-TVS,Transabdominal TRUS, colour doppler (Male, Female)


Endoscopy Surgery Or Key Hole Surgery Is A Technique In Which Optical Instruments Are Used Through Small Openings.


Counselling Offers A Safe And Supportive Space If You Are Struggling To Deal With Issues That Affect You At A Deeply Personal Level.