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    High Risk Pregnancy Case
    High Risk Pregnancy Case and delivery

    Not all pregnancies go smoothly. Some Women have high risk before, during and after pregnancy and delivery. such women and her unborn child may require special care and monitoring through out her pragnancy. High risk pregnancy requires management by team of Specialists. We have highly experiences Obstretician, Physician, cardiologist, Paediatrician etc in our team

    Which all Pregnancy are called High risk

    History of recurrent 1st trimester, 2nd trimester, abortions. Causes could be multiple-well investigated and treated of our center.
    • Antiphospholipid syndrome congential or aquried.
    • Endocrinal derangement in mother
    • Previous cessarian sections
    • Previous intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR)
    • Previous preterum deliveries (it birth before 36weeks)
    • Previous abnormal babies in couple or family. We help in genetic counselling and all investigated required for diagnosis of any genetic diseases in baby still in uterus before legal of abortion .
    • History if intra uterine death (IUD)
    • Underlying Medical Disease in mother like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus(DM) epilepsy, renal diseases etc.
    • Multiple pregnancies-twins or higher order pregnancies.
    • Advanced age of mother-35 or older.
    Monitoring By
    (1) All type blood test general or special.
    (2) Ultrasound by latest high resolution machines by highly trained radiologist with more than 15 years experiences
    (3) Biophysical profile of fetus (BPS).
    (4) Doppler studies of uterine and umblical vessels.
    (5) Foetal Echo Cardiography.