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Endoscopy Surgery Or Key Hole Surgery Is A Technique In Which Optical Instruments Are Used Through Small Openings. Advantage Of This Is Less Pain And Less Hospital Stay


Diagnostic Hysteroscopy And Office Hysteroscopy
Hysteroscopy Is An Incision Free Procedure Which Helps Visualization Of Inside Of Uterine Cavity By A Hysteroscopy And Aid In Diagnosis Of Many Diseases Hysteroscopes Can Be Less Than 4 Mm Diameter And Many Times Do Not Even Require Anesthesia

Operative Hysteroscopy
(Cannulation, Uterine Ablation) When There Are Pathologies In Uterine Cavity Like Submucous Fibroid, Septa, Endometrial Polyp, Asherman’s Syndrom (Adhesious In Uterine) Cavity They Can Be Removed Without Making Incision On Abdomen, Natural Orifice (Cervix). This Requires Anesthesia As Layer Diameters Sources Are Used


Laproscopy Is Minimally Invasive Surgical Technique Which Allows Inspections And Intervention In Abdominal Cavity By Small Incision Without Need For Major Operation. Patient Can Go Home Same Day. It Allows Visualization Of Internal Organs Like Uterus, Tube, Ovaries Pouch Of Dougles And There Relations And Diseases. Also Other Organs Like Bowel, Liver Etc Can Be Assessed.

Advantages Of Endoscopic Services
  •  No Or Small Size Of Incisions
  • Short-period Or No Hospital Stay.
  • Less Pain And Leave From Work.
  • Faster And Less Anasthesia
  • Cost Of Procedure Is Also Less.


  •  Before Ivf-et
  •  Abnormal Uterine Bleeding For Diagnosis And Taking Biopsy If Required.
  • History Of Recurrent Pregnacy Loss.
  •  Suspected Intra Uterine Anomaly (Like Septum) On Trans Vaginal Ultrasound (Tvs).
  •  Abnormilty If Uterine Cavity/filling Defect On Hsg.
  •  History Of Complicated Intra Uterine Procedure Or Uterine Surgery
  •  Together With Laproscopy In Infertility Work Up.
  •  Unexplained Infertility.
  • Secondary Dysmenorhoea Submucous Myoma Or Endometrial Polyp.
  • Missing Intra Uterine Contraceptive Devices, For Its Removal If Thread Is Not Seen.
  •  Diagnosis And Biospy In Suspected Maligrnancy And Hyperplasia