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For some women ,the gift of donated eggs is their only chance to have a baby.

Who Needs Egg Donation?

• A premature menopause-affects 1-2% women under 40.
• Ovaries damaged by chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment of cancer.
• Genetic abnormalities Like Turner’s syndrome.
• Poorly functioning ovaries as they get older.
• Resistant ovaries.
• A high risk of passing on genetic disorders to their offsprings.

What happens at PIFC?

• Donor screening to ensure they are free of infections,diseases or genetic conditions that might be transmitted. A thorough medical and family history is taken and medical examination and blood tests are performed.
• A detailed counseling of donor is done and treatment process,risks and complications are explained.
• Donor receives injections for follicular stimulation.The donated eggs are fertilized using sperm of the recipient’s partner and the resulting embryos transferred to the recipient’s womb.

Online Appointment

Online Appointment