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For some women ,the gift of donated eggs is their only chance to have a baby.

Who Needs Egg Donation?

  •  A Premature Menopause-affects 1-2% Women Under 40.
  • Ovaries Damaged By Chemotherapy Or Radiotherapy Treatment Of Cancer.
  • Genetic Abnormalities Like Turner’s Syndrome.
  • Poorly Functioning Ovaries As They Get Older.
  • Resistant Ovaries.
  • A High Risk Of Passing On Genetic Disorders To Their Offsprings.

What Happens At Pifc?

  • Donor Screening To Ensure They Are Free Of Infections,diseases Or Genetic Conditions
  • That Might Be Transmitted. A Thorough Medical And Family History Is Taken And Medical
  • Examination And Blood Tests Are Performed.
  • A Detailed Counseling Of Donor Is Done And Treatment Process,risks And Complications Are Explained.
  • Donor Receives Injections For Follicular Stimulation.the Donated Eggs Are Fertilized Using Sperm Of The Recipient’s Partner And The Resulting Embryos Transferred To The Recipient’s Womb.