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At Our Centre Egg Donation Program Is Designed To Assist Women, Who For Diverse Reasons, Are Unable To Produce Their Own Healthy Eggs For Conception. Indications Are Expanding And The Number Of Patients Requesting For Egg Donation Continues To Escalate As Its Popularity And Acceptance Grows. Recipients Of All Ages Are Experiencing Birth Rate Of Approximately 45% Per Embryo Transfer. Even More Striking, Cumulative Success Rate Exceed 90% When Repetitive (3-4) Embryo Transfers Are Performed.

Indications For Egg Donation:

  • Poor Fertilization Of Eggs Inspite Of Good Quality Sperm.
  • Failure To Achieve A Viable Pregnancy Following Repeated
  • Attempts At Ivf Or Other Assisted Reproductive Technologies.
  • Absent Ovarian Function Due To Previous Surgery, Radiation, Or Chemotherapy.
  • The Presence Of Genetic Disorder That Have High Likelihood Of Being Transmitted Via The Women’s Eggs To The Offspring.
  • Women Over The Age Of 40
  • Elevated Follicle Stimulating Hormone Levels (Greater Than 12 Miu/ml) On 3rd Day Of The Menstrual Cycle.
  • Poor Responders (Less Than 3-4 Egg