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    Diagnostic Facilities

    • Blood tests:- All
    • Hormone Test:- FSH , LH, PRL , T3, T4, TSH, AMH etc [Husband wife both]
    High Resolution ultrasound (by latest and high end Machines)-TVS,Transabdominal TRUS, colour doppler [Male, Female];

    Endometrial, Blood FLOW (By 4Dmachine) Follicle Monitoring

    (1) HSG ( Hysterosalpingography)
    (2) Video hysterolaparoscopy
    (3) Semen analysis, Semen fructose.
    (4) Sperm function test.
    (5) Test for ROS, DNA Fragmentation in semen.
    (6) Testicular Biopsy by FNAC- multiple sites.
    (7) Testcular / scrotal –Ultrasound and doppler.
    (8) Endometrial Biopsy and HPE/TB Test
    (9) Post coitol test ( PCT), Genetic councelling


    All Types Of Infertility Treatment
    • BY Ovulution induction medicines
    • IUI- husband .
    • Donor semen.
    (Use frozen, testested sample from reputed semen bank)

    Test tube baby

    (1) Ivf- ET (invitrofertilization.)
    (2) ICSI (Intracytoplas mic spern injection – micromanipulation)
    (3) ET( Embryotransfer – fresh , frozen, embryodonation)
    (4) Blastocyst culture/ transfer .
    (5) Assisted hatching chemical, laser
    (6) Donor oocyte IVF-ICSI
    (7) Surrogacy
    (8) Embryodonation/adoption
    Treatment continued
    • Vitrification/ feezing -oocyte embryo
    • Semen freezing
    • Testicular aspiration in azoospermia-TESA, PESA,MESA,TESE etc
    • Fertility enhancing laproscopic and hysterscopic surgeries
    • Tubal microsurgery
    • male inferlitity- Surgical and medical treatment
    • Harmonel treatment – thyroid ,hyperplectenenia (prolactin)FSH,LH etc.
    • Laproscopic surgery- for ectopic pregnancy.
    (i) Ovarian drilling
    (ii) Adhesiolysis
    (iii) Tubal Pregnancy Test

    During the IVF process, the woman’s eggs are removed during a small surgical procedure and fertilised in a laboratory using a specimen of sperm from the woman’s partner, or donor sperm if necessary. The fertilised egg, called an embryo, is next surgically implanted into the uterus (womb) of the woman.